Dr. Meera Wells
Dr. Meera Wells

Practice Statement

Dr Wells is a double board certified psychiatrist with over 20 years of medical experience. She is a physician with a unique combination of training and career experience that enables her to provide exceptional care.Please visit her website at meerawellsmd.com for more information about the practice as well as the fee schedule.
Her career includes specialized as well as super specialized medical practice, clinical research, teaching and senior leadership responsibilities.
After finishing medical school Dr Wells worked as an Emergency Room Physician in India, where she acquired proficiency in triaging medical emergencies and leading cross discipline teams. She then went on to specialize in Adult Psychiatry and “super specialize” in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, continuing on to earn Board Certifications in each field.
She worked for more than 9 years as the Medical Director of a fairly large size non-profit mental health outpatient clinic before moving on to private practice.
Dr Wells believes that a therapeutic relationship develops through the understanding of the person as a whole. The cornerstone of her clinical practice is privacy, trust and mutual respect. She works collaboratively with patient to provide an individualized holistic treatment plan that addresses the uniqueness of each person. Her training includes different modalities of psychotherapy and she provides an eclectic form of therapy that is customized for each individual. Being a proponent of qualitative rather than quantitative treatment, she believes that the feeling of acceptance, understanding and respect is the key to helping patients feel comfortable and begin the process of mental health wellness. She is judicious in her use of medications and closely follows her patients for optimum care.

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