Edwards, Heather
Edwards, Heather

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Calm your central nervous system. Retrain thinking patterns. Get unstuck. Truly become the best version of yourself. Actualize your highest potential in relationships, career, and life. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Coach, Board Certified Counselor, & EMDR Therapist, I specialize in helping people heal their anxiety, depression, and trauma. Take the power back. Maybe you’ve always struggled with anxiety or depression. Or maybe an unexpected change, loss or trauma derailed your life plans. I can help you heal and clear the way to living with ease and confidence. Your wellness journey is founded on collaboration, respect & positive regard. "Like the magnolia tree, She bends with the wind, Trials and tribulation may weather her, Yet, after the storm her beauty blooms, See her standing there, like steel, With her roots forever buried..." -Nancy Brewer

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