Gold Coast Orthopedic
Gold Coast Orthopedic

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Gold Coast Orthopedic Spine and Hand Surgery is one of the few practices in Chicago that specialize in minimally invasive spine procedures. Herniated disk are removed in an Out Patient Surgical setting through a one center meter or smaller puncture wound requiring a band aid or one stitch. The patients can walk immediately after worth, this is in contrast to being hospitalized and having a substantial cut on patients backs.
Gold Coast Orthopedic Spine and Hand Surgery also specialize in minimal incision surgery on the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand , hip, knee, ankle and foot. Many procedures on these parts of the body are done arthoscopically with a small puncture wound requiring a few stitches or band aid after worth. Again most of these surgery’s are done at an outpatient center called Lakeshore Surgery Center.

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