Gulf Coast Occupational and Wellness Center
Gulf Coast Occupational and Wellness Center

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Appointments with no insurance will be charged a discount price of $100.00 per visit. All PPO's and POS plans are billed under out-of network benefits.
Board Certified Infectious Disease & HIV specialist
Suboxone Rx: +$25
We do HIV prep & Rx, Hepatitis RX
STD,Chlamydia/Gonnorrhea, Travel vaccines
Offices & Infusions centers in Manhattan,

Dr. Uppal Specializes in the treatment of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Lymes Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, HIV and related conditions outpatient intravenous/oral treatment of MRSA
Dr. Uppal also provides alternative and upcoming Stem cell treatments for HIV, diabetes, arthritis,Weight Loss, Anti-aging and much more
Dr. Uppal also provides Suboxone detoxification.
Call: 646-740-9141
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Infectious Disease Specialist
1370 Broadway
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