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Healing Wisdom Center

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There are hundreds of Seattle massage therapists & acupuncturists to choose from who offer various specialties of health care. Four decades of massage & acupuncture clinical experience sets Kris apart as a very seasoned & versatile hands on therapist. As one of the long standing masters of bodywork & acupuncture, Kris will find the imbalance & root cause of your injuries and help your body turn it around. Kris’s passion is in empowering & educating her clients about specific soft tissue injuries, so you really understand what’s going on with your body & the path it may take to heal. She uses the same approach for discovering common environmental allergens & food intolerances. Through acupuncture & muscle testing she assists your body/ mind in desensitizing, so that allergic foods can become your friend .... not your enemy.

Look to Kris, as a body detective, investigating & palpating injured tissues, inflamed joints & fibrotic muscular tissues & compensations in your muscularture to help you rebalance.
Medical massage treatment often combines multiple disciplines to get better clinical results. A customized treatment plan will be created. Pain management acupuncture is very beneficial for local & systemic inflammation, acute & chronic pain & stubborn fibrotic muscular conditions.

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