Holistic Integrative Medicine

Practice Statement

Prevention is the cornerstone of oriental medicine. As a Dr. of Oriental Medicine, I know is paramount to teach my patients that prevention is essential to a long, healthy and meaningful life. Through my knowledge and experience, I teach my patients how to provide their bodies and minds with the care needed to avoid fatal and damaging illnesses. I treat my patients with care, respect and with the understanding that we are all different beings, and as such, we all need different approaches in order to solve our health matters.

Much of the success of my practice lays in the fact that I pay close attention to my patients' health concerns and in the use of non invasive medicinal products and treatments that have been used in other parts of the world for more than 4,000 years. With the use of natural herbs and ingredients I have tackled and successfully treated from minor pains to serious and life threatening conditions. I am confident that my treatments will help target your health issues. I will also work with you in the discovery of your inner physician and beauty. Hope to be of service and to help you restore your good health.

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