Imelda Cruz-Banting
Imelda Cruz-Banting

Practice Statement

People's lifestyles have dramatically changed from previous generations. A fast paced, competitive environment has contributed greatly to increased number of injuries and medical conditions. Dr. Imelda Cruz-Banting has served the Bronx and the surrounding areas of New York for more than 10 years helping patients with their lingering pain due to injuries, working conditions, and assisting them in their recovery after surgeries. As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, Dr. Cruz-Banting is a leader of the rehabilitation team consisting of physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, rehabilitation nurse, social worker, psychologist, dietitian, orthotist, and prosthetist. She and her staff of highly skilled physical therapists are dedicated to limit pain, increase mobility, improve endurance, coordination, and balance to enhance overall performance.

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729 Pelham Pkwy North, #731 Bronx, NY, 10467