Innovative Express Care
Innovative Express Care

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Innovative Express Care delivers high quality, low cost healthcare designed for the 21st century. No hidden costs, no unnecessary tests, and no long waits. That's what we're known for.

What do we do? Cold, flu, sinusitis, STD checks and treatment, IV fluids, labs (in-house), x-rays (in-house), medication refills, wart removal, ADD/ADHD medications, ankle boots/crutches and so much more!

Do you have a cough or cold that just won't go away?
Do you have a new rash that needs to be seen right NOW?!
Did you make a wrong late night decision and need some things checked out?
Do you need a medication refill?
Do you just need a general physical (cholesterol, medication refill, overall health assessment)?
Are you going to Africa, India, Thailand, Costa Rica, or fill in the blank, and need vaccines or malaria medications?
Do you just want a personable doctor that you would have a beer wit

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