Jonathan M. Horowitz M.D.
Jonathan M. Horowitz M.D.

Practice Statement

PLEASE NOTE: I am Out-Of -Network with all insurance plans. Many of my patients have out of network benefits. Before confirming your request for an appointment I will always have a telephone conversation to answer questions and to make sure that my skills are a good fit for your needs.

I have been working as a psychiatrist for over thirty years. My primary focus during that time has been on growing my skills in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and in medication treatments. The large number of patients I have treated gives me a very deep understanding of the variety of concerns that bring people to therapy. Having had this extensive experience has allowed me to observe and understand the types of treatments that are most effective for each individual. I have been fortunate to have had a very wide range of experience treating the different causes of emotional distress. I had worked for 10 years as part of a clinical team working with executives from major corporations on their career stress and their emotional distress. My understanding of the strains in the business world were developed while I was working as the CEO of of a hospital. My skills working with adolescents started when I was the director of an adolescent out-patient clinic at a major teaching hospital. I learned the importance of providing the adolescent and their family with the skills to work collaboratively in resolving family tensions. At a time before child sexual abuse was recognized as a major cause of harm to children I directed a federal research project to shed light on the severity of this problem. I also provided consultation to the legal system in the evaluation of these reports of child sexual abuse. I have had an unusually large number of work experiences. Each one deepened my understanding of the wide range of stressful human experiences and facilitated my ability to connect with the emotional distress that can arise from many differing situations.
In working with each individual I make use of these prior experiences in understanding and treating the unique aspects of each persons distress. In my current work I provide a caring and supportive therapeutic environment that becomes a safe place for an adult, adolescent over age 12, couple, or family to explore and resolve painful feelings, relationship difficulties, or problems stemming from career stress. Today many psychiatrists only prescribe medications. Unlike them I usually provide both the psychotherapy, and when indicated, I prescribe medications. My training as a physician and training as a psychotherapist are both used to facilitate a reduction of symptoms and promote healthy resolution of emotional pain. In treating depression, anxiety or interpersonal conflicts as well as patients with ADD, I find it useful to integrate aspects of newer therapeutic approaches that employ relaxation training, behavioral modification and mindfulness into traditional psychotherapy when it can facilitate a patient's ability to reach the goals we have collaboratively established.

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