Practice Statement

LAMBERT + Co. was founded by Dr. Nicole Lambert. Dr. Lambert is a holistic general dentist + a pediatric dentist. She was originally located in her small Tribeca practice which became very popular with local parents who loved her holistic and preventative approach. Due to a high demand to apply her holistic principles and practice to Adult Dentistry, she outgrew her small practice. As a result we now have the large LAMBERT + Co. practice on Warren Street.

Dr. Lambert's holistic philosophy is applied to dentistry by focusing on disease reversal and prevention by using non-chemical materials and proprietary protocols.

LAMBERT + Co. has a whole menu of services. We focus on Holistic, Preventative, Cosmetic, and Stress-Free Dentistry for Everyone.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We are known for 3 main unique services:
1. Cavity Reversal
2. Bite Alignment
3. The Monthly Cleaning for our Members.

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20 Warren St., New York, NY, 10007