Lifestyle Podiatry
Lifestyle Podiatry

Practice Statement

**Insurance Disclosure** Dr Dennis Shavelson is in network only with Medicare. We accept out-of-network benefits with other insurances and we verify insurance benefits upon request.
Dr Shavelson is accepting patients exclusively in the following areas:
**Biomechanics and Custom Foot Orthotics**
**Fungal & Ugly Toenails**
**Heel Pain**
**Flat & Tired Feet**
**Sports Medicine**
No warts, corns or ingrown toenails please
Focusing on exceptional outcomes and permanent cures, Dr Sha. takes pride in providing patients with evidence based, experienced & proven outcomes seeing only 10-15 patients a day.
If you have a bag of failed orthotics, an ugly toenail that won't cure or your feet are flat, tired & painful, his caring evaluation and treatment plans will take place you on a new path to wellness.

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