Marcus M. Silverman, M.A., L.P.
Marcus M. Silverman, M.A., L.P.

Practice Statement

When you look at that line drawing above do you see a rabbit or a duck?

It was drawn by the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to illustrate the problems of subjectivity. One can see a rabbit or a duck, but never both at the same time. I like the drawing for a number of reasons, but in part because I think it’s a nice visual metaphor for psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. We can sometimes only conceive of ourselves a certain way, or feel that others only experience us in a certain way.

In my practice, I have made it a point to see a diverse group of patients across a number of boundaries, be it age, sexuality, race or diagnosis—working with individuals, couples and families. I have written about hoarding, Lacan, Freud and the Belgian painter, René Magritte. I teach psychoanalysis at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in Greenwich Village.

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