Maria Bruce
Maria Bruce

Practice Statement

Maria Bruce is a Medical Doctor from Argentina, who obtained a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and Wellness from NYU, and became a licensed Psychotherapist in New York State. Maria utilizes different psychological approaches including positive cognitive-behavioral therapy and solution-focused brief therapy to help clients identify, understand, resolve, and cope with challenges in their lives. As an added component of her practice, Maria uses biofeedback and other analytical tools to give her clients tangible measures and overviews of their health and performance.

Maria works with high achieving young adults and adults, who are struggling with different issues and want to work on conquering their goals. Maria’s areas of expertise include relationship issues, satisfaction and high productivity in the workplace, optimal performance, low self-esteem, and emotional well-being. Maria has a background working with olympic and professional athletes, and also has been involved with the music, fashion, and financial industries for years, so she has a first-hand understanding of the particular demands, challenges and struggles of successful, talented, and high-profile personalities.

Another area of Maria’s specialization is working with people having adjustment stress related to a major life event, which can range from difficulty coping with the end of a relationship or marriage, losing or changing jobs, having a baby, being a victim of a crime, having an injury, or adjusting to life in a new city or country, among other things.

Maria also works as a consultant to help individuals and companies to optimize performance, manage stress, problem-solve, boost productivity, improve communication skills, and enhance relationship interactions.

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