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The goal of treatment at Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is to get you back to sports, work and life as quickly as possible, and to the best of your ability. Many times this can be done without surgery, but sometimes it may require it. If at all possible, non-surgical techniques are always tried first. I have incorporated many special non-operative, operative, and post-operative techniques in my practice, that will allow you to get better faster and with less pain. Most of my patients do not even take narcotics after surgery. As I am boarded in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, I see all conditions of the entire body related to sports (including fractures) but have limited myself to a handful of outpatient arthroscopic surgical procedures in the shoulder, knee, ankle and elbow so that I can excell at these particular procedures. The main focus of the surgical part of my practice includes ACL and meniscus injuries in the knee, labral and rotator cuff tears, impingement and AC joint injuries in the shoulder, and impingement, OCD lesions and bone chips in the ankle.

Every patient is treated by the staff and myself with the respect and care as we would a family member. There are same day appointment slots kept open for emergencies, and we only book 2-3 patients each hour to give ample time for the correct diagnosis and proper treatment plan. You will never feel rushed, but you can request to be seen quickly if you have to get to a meeting or event. I take extra-time to examine you, and then explain to you exactly what is wrong and how to treat it. All options are explored and explained so that you can easily explain it yourself once you leave. Email synopses are sent upon request to help you remember the details if necessary. Another website is being built with videos to help you understand your condition and exercises. Emergency after hour, hotel and home visits, and even home Hamptons visits during the summer months are available when absolutely necessary. We also have an mri scan and instant xray machine on site, which we reserve only for our patients. The mri scans often can be done at the time of your visit, and the results are sent to you the next day for discussion. As we have a new automated phone system to try to handle the call volume, you can always text, call or email Dr. Noy directly if you do not get a response to an emergency quickly enough. While Dr. Noy takes care of many professional athletes, musicians, actors and CEO's from all over the world, every one is treated equally. In essence, every patient receives concierge care and old fashioned medical care, with all the advancements of modern cutting edge orthopaedics.

We look forward to getting each of you better!

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