Rachel D. Maree, MD, MPH
Rachel D. Maree, MD, MPH

Practice Statement

If you are struggling with your emotions, having difficulty with relationships or are interested in coming to a deeper understanding of yourself, psychotherapy may be an appropriate treatment for you. I specialize in working with persons who desire to come to an understanding of the conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that influence their perceptions of themselves and others. This work also involves developing insight into patterns of behavior and how these behaviors guide the way you interact in your daily life. My ideal clients are those experiencing emotional disturbance in the setting of grief, trauma, or persistent anxiety or depression.

My practice is primarily comprised of psychodynamic, or insight oriented psychotherapy. This type of therapeutic work goes beyond the day to day management of specific problems with medications. The ultimate goal is to develop an understanding of why symptoms are present, leading to behavioral changes and a more fulfilling life. An important component of this treatment is the development of a therapeutic relationship, which can serve as the foundation for self exploration and change. When necessary, I do provide medication management for patients I see in therapy. I am also available to provide medication management for persons who are already in therapy.

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