Robert B. Levin, M.D.
Robert B. Levin, M.D.

Practice Statement

I think the most valuable asset I offer the patient is experience, fortunately one that has not become ossified. There is a background in the fundamentals of modern psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, plus a wealth of experience applying EMDR to clinical problems.
Medication is often not the whole story. In most cases an element of therapy is called for in psychiatric care and I do not farm out that treatment component to ancillary clinicians. I do it myself. And I'm good at it.
I must admit to a misgiving at the outset of my involvement in ZocDoc: If patient feedback drives this site, won't there be pressure on the clinician to give the patient what they want, even if that might not correspond to what is best clinical practice? I hope I can continue to use that, best clinical practice, as my lodestar, even if it might conflict with the patient's immediate demand.

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