Robert L. Bard, M.D., P.C.
Robert L. Bard, M.D., P.C.

Practice Statement

Medical imaging is a non-invasive way to get detailed images of internal organs, tissues, blood vessels and bones. These images provide very valuable information that doctors use to detect, diagnose, treat, monitor and study disease. Doctors can also use imaging to help prevent disease.

No other technology has advanced medicine as much as imaging. Today’s sophisticated technology allows physicians to identify very early cancers long before troubling symptoms appear. This means cancer can be diagnosed at a stage that permits the broadest range of treatment choices.

There are different types of imaging technologies with different applications depending on the location and the use of the images. Some involve exposure to small amounts of radiation, but more methods are being developed that do not involve any exposure to radiation. Imaging devices that do not expose the patient to radiation may be preferred as long as the image quality is at least as high.

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