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Practice Statement

Are you tired of a life unlived? Therapy is a vessel for transformation, to help you connect with the deepest parts of yourself. Depression, anxiety, relationship problems, repeating dysfunctional patterns, self-defeating behavior, creative stagnation--are symptoms you have become disconnected from the deeper parts of yourself. As a result, your life has become unbalanced. As painful as they are, as much as you wish they would just go away, your symptoms are trying to tell you something. If listened to carefully, they direct us to what you have neglected, forgotten, or lost.

Therapy, like reading poetry, involves listening to multiple layers of meaning, to layered and condensed language and to metaphor. You both tell and listen to the story of your life and in so doing come to understand it in a new way. Ultimately, it is a search for truth.

You may choose to undertake this therapy because you wish to know yourself better. You may come after two or three previous therapies provided only temporary relief, or when medication alleviated but did not eliminate your distress. My practice is devoted to helping you undertake this journey.

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