Shamsah Amersi MD ob/gyn (
Shamsah Amersi MD ob/gyn (

Practice Statement

I am thrilled to share with you that we have opened our office door and are ready to have you visit us in our beautiful new office in Santa Monica. As a female obstetrician & gynecologist, I recognize the importance of providing personalized care for patients that encompass compassion and comprehensive focused attention to all aspects of a woman’s well being. Over the past year it became very clear to me that in order to practice excellent medicine I needed to be in a setting where patients were given 100% access to me only, in lieu of being in an assembly line for whichever doctor was available, regardless of whether they knew you, your story and what truly matters to you. The continuity of care with a patient and doctor is paramount to a successful health outcome in lieu of fragmented medical care with different providers.

To help achieve this, our office is proud to offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule and needs. My staff has been carefully chosen so from the moment you enter the office, you are comforted by the warmth, genuine care and exceptional service from my entire team. At each visit, you will be seeing me, and not rotated through different doctor. In addition, each of my patients will have 24 hour access to me, including email and phone. For each patient, visits will include a comprehensive meeting with me, detailed examination including all necessary medical tests, and detailed ultrasound performed if medically indicated. In addition, lab testing will be performed in the office. Every pregnancy visit will include an ultrasound and access to the leading perinatologist throughout your pregnancy. We are implementing electronic medical records, the most modern and optimal medical communication between you and me. After each visit, you will have access to all your results, so the “no news is good news” is replaced by detailed information of your tests and recommendations by me to optimize your health.

I am blessed with the joy of delivering babies and recapturing the wonder of life on a daily basis. My own birth to my son Jaden reshaped the way I approach this momentous life changing moment. An ob/gyn plays a very unique role as a doctor by sharing the most intimate moments of all stages of a woman’s life – adolescence, childbearing, menopausal transition and beyond. I have been fortunate to receive my training from the country’s leading medical institutions and have spent the past ten years managing all medical and surgical health issues related to ob/gyn. I recognize that a balance of mind, body, and spirit are paramount to our wellness as women. I also believe that medical care at its best should focus not only on healing and treatment of disease, but also on prevention of illness and promotion of wellness. With this in mind, the relationship between patient and doctor as a partnership is essential to outstanding medical care for women.
My goal is to continue to provide my patients with the highest quality and most up-to-date female health care in a compassionate environment where each staff member shares my goal of providing exceptional, personalized service.

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