Spinal Care
Spinal Care

Practice Statement

Our office is uniquely qualified to handle all varieties of auto, worker's compensation, and other related injuries to the neuromusculoskeletal system including chronic pain syndromes.

-Axial Skeletal System
-Spinal Disc Bulging and Herniation
-Whiplash Syndrome
-Radicular Pain
-On site pain management and needle EMG testing

Innovative & Minimally Invasive Treatments Include:

-Chiropractic Medicine
-Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy
-Electric Muscle Stimulation (IFC and TENs)
-Kinesio Taping
-Intersegmental Traction
-Cold Laser
-Infared Light Therapy
-Licensed Massage Therapy
-Physical Therapy

Interventional Pain Management
-Epidural Injections
-Facet Blocks
-Trigger Point Injections
-Thermal Rhizotomy
-Small & Large Joint Injections

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