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We know you have a choice when it comes to your dental needs, thank you for choosing us as your family dental providers. At Springdale Family Dentistry, our goal is to bring quality dental care and outstanding customer service at a reasonable fee that anyone can benefit. We understand being efficient is key to achieving our goal; therefore, we employ only the best assistants and equip the latest dental technologies into our practice. We have in-house specialist such as orthodontist, so you and your love ones can have all treatments done under one proof.

We offer comprehensive dental care for your entire family all in one place. You can have your children changing orthodontic bands while you are having your own dental treatments at the same time. Our assistants are very best at what they do, and they are constantly changing and applying themselves to meet the demand of our patients' expectation. Whether from a small task such as upkeeping the office, to a more difficult task such as digital crown fabrication, our assistant can handle them all with utmost professionalism.

We are equipped with the latest dental technologies and constantly updating them to bring the highest quality dental care. Technologies have tremendously helped to improve our efficiency by allowing us to work faster with much greater precision. In turn, faster time reduces our overhead cost, and we pass on the saving to our patients in term of lower fees. Technologies also allow our doctors and staffs to spent their time where it counts, your actual treatment time, and less time on other routine tasks. For instant, we can make your crown in 2 hours; instead of 2 weeks. Furthermore, digital x-ray can produce an image within one second (with extremely low raditation); instead of 5 minutes. To further enhance our quality of service, we offer life-time warranty on our in-house E.max crowns, and five-year warranty on selective procedures.

We strong believe in preventative care; because, after all, it is always better to prevent than to cure. Therefore, our hygienists are extremely passionate, gentle, and meticulous in their cleaning. Patients are "in love" with our hygienists and always come back for their regular six-month cleaning and check-up.

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