Stephen Herman
Stephen Herman

Practice Statement

I have been a physician since 1977. It has always been my firm conviction that the relationship between a doctor and his patient is a very special arrangement, almost sacred in nature. That relationship should be based upon mutual respect. There should be sincere concern for the patient's welfare on the part of the physician. There should be genuine confidence in the physician's judgement on the part of the patient.
I believe that physician and patient should have a partnership in decision making. While I always seek to make forthright and appropriate treatment recommenations, after careful consideration of a diagnosis, I always respect the patient's decision on the course of action to be followed. Regrettably, I am not always able to accede to a patient's request for a course of treatment. For example, improper use of antibiotics has been a major problem for many years, and has become a critical problem now after the appearance of multiple drug resistent microorganisms. For years, antibiotic medications appropriate for treating bacterial infections have been prescribed for treatment of viral illness, with significant risk to the patient in a number of ways. In like fashion, opioid pain medications, often quite proper in treatment, have too often been prescribed for treatment of conditions better addressed in other ways.
In recent years, physicians have faced pressures of time and economy resulting in office visits that failed to meet patient needs and expectations. I have always resisted those pressures and will definitely make an effort to do so in the future.
As we all know, the financing of medicine has long been a dilemma. With more intrusive activity on the part of both government and private insurers, the doctor-patient relationship has been tarnished in many ways. Having been a witness to this process of deterioration, as have most people in this country, I think we all agree that enough is enough. For that reason, in an effort to restore sanity to my practice, my business model is a simple, fee-for-service operation. I seek to offer a necessary service and my patient pays me an appropriate fee. I give each patient a receipt for services rendered after each encounter. As a courtesy to my patients, I also submit an electronic medical claim to the patient's third party payer with the expectation that each patient will be reimbursed for fees paid to me. I contract only with my patients. I do not contract with any insurers. I accept no reimbursement from third party payers. My fee schedule is available on this website and in my office.
I call this fee-for-service model Free Market Medicine.
One final thought: I have an absolute duty to protect the privacy of every patient. I will always provide your record to you, the patient, or to your authorized representative, with an appropriate request. However, I will never release the record to anyone else unless you, or your legally authorized representative, provides me with written authorization to do so, or unless I am ordered to do so by a court. Otherwise, I will make every effort to protect your privacy from others to include insurance companies, government entities, employers, or family members.
I am looking forward to maintaining a long and meaningful relationship with all of my new and established patients.

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