Tamara Zec M.D./ CARTA M.D. P.A.
Tamara  Zec M.D./ CARTA M.D. P.A.

Practice Statement

Dr. Zec is board certified in diagnosis and management of adult psychiatric conditions. In addition, she has received specialized training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and is currently a second year candidate at the Florida Psychoanalytic Institute's Adult Psychoanalysis Training Program. An analytic approach allows for the most comprehensive and individualized approach to treatment of a wide variety of emotional, cognitive and mood problems frequently encountered in the adult population. Moreover, the focus is truly on the patient, his/her view of the world, their relationships and how they function within these realms. Perhaps most importantly, in a time of burgeoning "quick fixes" and pharmacological overemphasis, an analytic lens allows the patient to understand what makes them unique and the psychological forces that may be keeping them from achieving a full and enriching life.

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