The Spine Center
The Spine Center

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Welcome to my practice. My goal is to provide you with the finest care in the treatment for back and neck disorders; care that is both compassionate and personal.

Contrary to the clear indications for surgery presented to many surgical specialists, back problems present a host of complex signals and a varied number of treatment choices to the back specialist.

I take a conservative, non surgical approach. Surgery is usually the last option when treating patients who off back ailments. In fact, most of my patients are treated successfully without surgery.

My primary objective is to treat spine disorders conservatively-non-operatively-through a multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment program. This approach offers patients a full complement of medical services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, chiropractic care, diagnostic tests and injections.

My care shows in every detail. A complete medical history is taken. I ask about previous back problems, prior treatments and other medical problems and anything else that might assist us.

I want to make certain you are well-informed and understand every aspect of your treatment. Whether you are being treated medically or surgically, I take time to explain everything. I invite your questions and try to give you thorough answers.

Early intervention is the key to success. Back pain is not a disease, but a symptom of many possible conditions. Whether the problem is back spasms or a severe disc injury, the longer you delay treatment, the longer it takes to resolve the problem. I emphasize a preventative approach in order to minimize that possibility.

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