Travel Clinic of New York City
Travel Clinic of New York City

Practice Statement

Travel Clinic of New York City is dedicated to help people travel to their destinations in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our travel clinic is a certified Yellow Fever clinic.

During your office visit you will be assisted by Dr.Yekaterina Kuznetsova and/or physican's assistant Arthur Haffey. Recommendations regarding pre - travel immunizations and medications will be made based on your travel plans including your destinations, planned activities, length of stay and health history.

Travel Vaccines and Prices
Consultation $80.00( one time destination fee)
Yellow Fever $180.00
Hepatitis A $90.00 per dose
Hepatitis B $80.00 per dose
Hepatitis A/B (combination) $120.00 per dose
Typhoid (oral/injection) $85/90.00
TDAP $80.00
Polio $60.00
Meningitis $145.00
Rabies $330.00 per dose
Japanese Encephalitis $260.00 per dose

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