Victor Valentin MD PA
Victor Valentin MD PA

Practice Statement

Dr. Victor Valentin is an Internist graduated from The Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Havana , Cuba in 1983 and from Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico in 2005.This MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine who established his own private medical practice in the area of Tampa in 2005.
Dr.Valentin is committed with his patients and will give you high quality service in his office at 4600 N. Habana Ave Ste #35, Tampa FL, 33614. Dr. Victor Valentin will spend time with you , pay attention to you health issues , listen, let you speak out your problems, is friendly, very receptive , explains to you in details , always gives you follow up, he will makes you feel comfortable since the initial encounter. If you are looking for a physician with more than 33 years with the qualifications and expertise he has you are in the right place.

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4600 N Habana Ave., Suite 35 Tampa, FL, 33614