Wendy Bassett LCSW
Wendy Bassett LCSW

Practice Statement

For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of witnessing people recover in the wake of life threatening events, sexual violation, and devastating loss. People can, and do, recover post trauma. My expertise is in helping clients face, rather than avoid, the events that haunt them. Facing the event directly, as a team, helps you think and feel your way to the other side—to healing.

With help, you can face what happened and learn skills to interrupt negative thoughts. You can be more in control of your life and live fully in the present. You will, of course, never forget what happened. But the trauma can lose its haunting power. And, you can--and deserve to--build a meaningful life for yourself moving forward.

After you book a first appointment via ZocDoc, I will offer you a free phone consultation where we can discuss your questions and goals to determine if I am a good fit.

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