Women's Health and Menopause Center
Women's Health and Menopause Center

Practice Statement

Women’s Health and Menopause Center (WHMC) is dedicated to caring for women throughout every stage of their lives. Health and wellness is a priority during the teen years, for mothers-to-be, and for women experiencing menopause. Physicians offer routine gynecologic and breast care, family planning and obstetrics, and menopause care, and are mindful of the overall wellness of every patient. In fact, two of our physicians are active members of the North American Menopause Society and hold certifications as menopausal clinicians.

Physicians at WHMC believe information and choices are important. During appointments, time is scheduled to talk with each patient about health and lifestyle, to provide information to address her unique questions and concerns, and to make choices for the next steps together.

Patients at WHMC appreciate prompt, on-time appointments that don’t keep our patients waiting. To schedule an appointment, call 248.932.9223 or send an request to info@whmcenter.com. Our Physician Profiles will help you become acquainted with the WHMC medical staff.

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