Womens Own OB/GYN, LLC
Womens Own OB/GYN, LLC

Practice Statement

We provide comprehensive gynecologic care which includes but not limited to adolescent,perimenopause and menopausal care. Dr.Gor provides in office coolsculpt, coollipo . No anesthesia, no bloodloss. Dr Gor provides laser vaginal treatment for urinary incontinence.Dr. Gor has extensive experience in minimally Invasive and Bloodless surgery. Dr. Gor does robotically assisted cystectomy, myomectomy, hysterectomy and surgeries for endometriosis.
Dr. Gor also does traditional exploratory laprotomy for the above mentioned procedures.
Dr. Gor is also an expert in vaginal hysterectomy as well as prolapse surgeries.
We provide compassionate obstetrics care for pregnant women as well as those who are planning to be. Dr. Gor offers a complete range of services designed to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth.Dr. Gor has considerable experience with infertility diagnoses and management.

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