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Today, Aug 23
Primary Care Doctor
44790 Maynard Square, Suite 320AshburnVA20147
Very happy with my visit, I haven't been to a doctor in years, and she made me feel welcome. I do not feel overwhelmed or battered by information or probed, yet still felt like it was a productive visit.
Primary Care Doctor
44050 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, Suite 179AshburnVA20147
Went there for annual physical exam. The doctor is nice and easy to talk to, also very professional. What made me a little bit uncomfortable was that the nurse didn't feel very welcoming and didn't speak loud enough. Would recommend for regular check-ups.
Primary Care Doctor
43810 Central Station Dr, 160AshburnVA20147
I was very impressed with Dr. Marpu. She was attentive and made every effort to be accommodating. She listened carefully to my issues and provided effective and well informed guidance. I also appreciate that her hours are convenient to my work schedule.
Primary Care Doctor
19415 Deerfield Avenue, Suite 213LansdowneVA20176
I tend to think of Dr Abedin at Thanksgiving time when we are all focused on what we are grateful for God for. I had never had a doctor call me back to their office to "chat" about things during my physical check up. He asked my about my past and suggested that I see a counselor to work through some trauma I experienced as a child. I was on muscle relaxants and pain killers for my neck pain. He told me, "I can't force you to see someone, but I'm telling you that if you do not get help, the issues with your neck will not go away." That sentence changed my life. I did get help. It was very painful and took a long time but I did work through my issues and my neck pain completely went away. I will forever by greateful to Dr Abedin. His bedside manner is precious. His honesty was very much appreciated. Blessings to Dr Abedin, his family and his office!
Primary Care Doctor
21135 Whitfield Place, Suite 101SterlingVA20165
The doctor was great, the staff was very kind and friendly and answered all questions that we had. Very happy with the visit and strongly recommend this doctor.
Primary Care Doctor
24430 Stone Springs Blvd, Suite 315DullesVA20166
Wait time was awful and front desk ladies were unhelpful and slow.
21001 Sycolin Rd, Suite #180AshburnVA20147
Dr. Yerram patiently listened to all my problems related to the sickness I had. She then made a thorough examination and addressed all my problems one by one. She is an excellent doctor.I have been treated by her before and I completely trust her and value her treatment. She is always spot on with the correct diagnosis even those missed by other doctors
Primary Care Doctor
1043 Sterling Rd, Suite 104HerndonVA20170
Very nice and was really good at communicating what exactly he thought my symptoms were related to. I have some follow test to do but very pleased with my visit.
Primary Care Doctor
1043 Sterling Rd, Suite 104HerndonVA20170
She was really professional and nice! She made me feel really comfortable.

What is a Primary Care Doctor?

Primary care doctors help patients maintain their general health and wellbeing, and may coordinate the treatment of long-term conditions. Patients visit primary care physicians for many reasons, including stomach / digestion difficulty, minor injuries, hormonal issues, joint problems, or simply to schedule a checkup / annual physical. Primary care doctors provide long-term care and disease monitoring, and refer patients to specialists when necessary.