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Zocdoc’s new Insurance Card Capture feature, part of our pre-appointment digital Check-In suite, helps seamlessly collect medical insurance information from patients before they get to the office. This eliminates the hassle of calling patients and ensures that your practice receives the most accurate and complete information.

In addition to making office managers’ lives easier, patients find this feature helpful too.  During our first few months of testing Insurance Card Capture, Zocdoc patients uploaded hundreds of thousands of cards.

How patients submit their cards 

When booking on the Zocdoc app, new patients will be asked to upload their card and send it to your practice. If the patient books on the mobile web or desktop, they will receive a text message asking them to take a photos of the front and back of their card, upload the images to your practice.

Whenever this happens, you will receive a notification in your account activity tray.

Accessing a card is easy

To view the card, just pull up your patient’s appointment info and tap on the blue “view” button. This will open a window showing rotatable, high-resolution images of the front and back of the card. And because these images capture the entire card, everything you need, from Group ID to plan contact info, is there to start verifying.

new insurance card 2

Missing a card? No problem.

If you need updated insurance information from an existing patient, Zocdoc can send a reminder to the patient to upload and send the photos for their upcoming appointment. Simply indicate on the appointment card that you do not have the patient’s insurance card information, and Zocdoc will work with the patient to send the card on their behalf.

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For more information on Insurance Card Capture, check our FAQ below and discover the difference it can make in your practice.



What steps has Zocdoc taken to ensure that this new experience will work for my patients?

We piloted Insurance Card Capture for months now. Given our experience to date, and improvements we’ve made based on feedback, we’re confident this is working for our patients and providers.

Can I opt-out of this feature?

Currently, you cannot opt out of this feature. 

Can I use this feature for patients who didn’t book with Zocdoc?

Not currently, but we want to help all your patients share their insurance cards with you in the future. If you are interested in trying this out, please email or your account manager for more information.

Can I require that my patients use this?

This is currently an optional feature for patients – they are not required to upload an image of their card. Practices cannot make it mandatory at this time.

Why is this feature optional?

Zocdoc is always working to make sure that new features do not disrupt the existing patient experience or make it harder for patients to find and book appointments. Making the feature mandatory could impact the number of patients that book with you.

Is this secure?

Yes. Zocdoc encrypts the insurance card data in transit and at rest.

If you have questions or encounter any issues, reach out to our Service team at (866) 962-3621 or

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4 responses to “Introducing Zocdoc Insurance Card Scan”

  1. Patients insurance information should be mandatory if the patient does not have insurance there should be a button for cash so the patient can still make the appointment. I get alot of patients which make the appointment come in and then still do not have there insurance card. The demographics for patients should always be mandatory as well.

  2. Carmen C Fernandez says:

    Yes I agree

  3. NYJ says:

    Not everyone has a smartphone, so the repeated texts saying “tap here” are useless and irritating.

  4. James says:

    The app only allows for the upload of 1 insurance card. I have 3; medical, dental and vision all from different providers so I have to keep uploading the card that is needed each time, a big off putter to using Zocdoc

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