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Orlando Allergists

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Allergists in Orlando, FL

Allergists in Orlando

If you're dealing with asthma or a cough caused by allergies, you can use ZocDoc to make an appointment with an allergist in Orlando, Florida. Take a few minutes to search through the specialists in neighborhoods near Demetree Park, the Country Club of Orlando, and Lake Underfill. From there, click on a time to schedule a visit to see an allergist about your hay fever or food intolerance. Best of all, it's free!

General Nurse Practitioner
General Nurse Practitioner
801 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
1.18 miles from Orlando
17514 Preserve Walk Lane
Tampa, FL 33647
66.53 miles from Orlando
Primary Care Doctor
Primary Care Doctor
4711 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32812
3.28 miles from Orlando
Primary Care Doctor
Primary Care Doctor
620 Vonderburg Drive
Brandon, FL 33511
69.56 miles from Orlando
I had a scheduled appointment with my husband, one of us had a 2pm and the other appointment was 2:40. We got into the office at 2:05 due to construction (and I called to let them know we would be a few minutes late) we were only in the waiting room for about 10 min. and then taken back to talk with the nurse and then the wait started. We were not seen by the doctor until 4:40 I was pretty irate by that time and was not in the best mood when he first walked in. This isn't my first time at this office, so I know they can get behind, but over 2 hours to me was completely unacceptable specially seeing no one came in to check on us to give us a status update at all. Anyway, even though I was pretty furious at the wait, it all disappears as soon as Dr. Wishik is in the same room as you are. He has the uncanny ability to make you feel like you are the only patient in the world at that moment and he defuses irate patients like myself without me knowing I am actually being defused. (not sure if that made any sense) what I am trying to convey is his bedside manner and attention to detail warrants him to spend time with each and every patient and when it is your turn, you realize that 'hey, yeah sure, I've been waiting forever, but right now, he is with me and I matter'. Even with the wait, I would always recommend him and my husband and I will always go to him when we are in florida (we drive over an hour to see him, that is how great he is!!!) I don't react to medicine how most 'normal' people do, some meds effect me much differently then they would other people (I don't like the feeling of anything oxy or hydro, I guess opiates in general, because they give me a stomach ache, but can handle the med Ultram, which is a lesser class) I have trouble sleeping, yet not much in the way of medication can help and Dr. Wishik takes all this seriously and tries to get to the bottom of the issues instead of just bandaging them up and creating a bigger mess. For that I am thankful.