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Zocdoc’s Community Standards

For patients

Zocdoc’s mission is to give power to the patient, and our company’s No. 1 core value is “Patients First.” Our steadfast commitment to empowering patients guides how we orient our platform, our search results, and our business structure. In fact, that’s why booking through Zocdoc is free for patients. You should never have to pay fees — from Zocdoc or any of our participating providers — for finding and booking appointments with health care providers.

We expect all Zocdoc users to be respectful of our service, the providers who participate, and other patients who are seeking care. To that end, the guidelines below outline our expectations for Zocdoc users’ behavior. Consistent with our Terms of Service, violation of these guidelines may be grounds for suspension or termination from Zocdoc’s platform.


  • Always treat others with respect and follow all applicable laws.
  • Never bully, harass, use profanity, threaten, intimidate, or inflict harm on providers, their office staff and administrators, or Zocdoc representatives.


  • Always input accurate, complete and up-to-date information, including your in-network insurance plan, when completing pre-appointment paperwork from Zocdoc or your provider, etc.
  • Only book appointments you plan to attend to respect both the provider’s time and other patients seeking care.
  • Submit honest, fair and accurate reviews that adhere to our guidelines.

Zocdoc User Obligations

  • Make every effort to uphold your confirmed appointments; those are slots that will not be available to other patients seeking care.
  • If your ability to attend your appointment changes, you are responsible for contacting your provider with as much advance notice as possible. Last-minute changes are very disruptive to providers and their staff and limit their ability to see other patients in need of care at that time.
  • If you ‘no-show’, reschedule, or cancel appointments at a high volume, we reserve the right to limit or terminate your use of Zocdoc’s service.
  • Arrive to your appointment on time. If for some reason you are unable to do so, reach out to the provider’s office to notify them, and understand that they reserve the right to reschedule the appointment.
  • If Zocdoc or a participating provider suspects a patient is displaying unlawful drug-seeking behavior, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate that user’s use of Zocdoc’s service.

For providers

While Zocdoc exists to empower patients, we also recognize that delivering an exceptional patient experience requires a strong and trusting partnership with the providers that participate in our Marketplace.

The guidelines below serve as a provider code of conduct that outline our expectations for participating providers’ behavior. Consistent with the Zocdoc User Agreement, violation of this code of conduct may be grounds for suspension or termination from Zocdoc’s platform.


  • Always treat others with respect and follow all applicable laws.
  • Never bully, harass, use profanity, threaten, intimidate, or inflict harm on Zocdoc users or representatives.
  • Never take any unlawful or unethical actions against patients for posting reviews (critical, negative, or otherwise), or for any other reason.

Professional Obligations

  • Follow all applicable professional rules and ethical guidelines (including but not limited to the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics).
  • Safeguard patient data, and adhere to HIPAA and other applicable guidelines in the use, maintenance, storage or disclosure of an individual’s health information.
  • Always maintain a valid, up-to-date, and unrestricted license in all jurisdictions in which you practice and as necessary for Zocdoc to display your specialties.
  • Your first priority should always be the best interest of the patient; you should separate your financial interests from the treatment(s) you recommend or provide.
  • Never facilitate or enable any unlawful drug-seeking behavior.


  • Immediately notify Zocdoc should there be any changes in the status of your license or your ability to practice.
  • When a Zocdoc user books with a specific provider, ensure that the user sees the provider they selected.
  • Maintain an accurate, honest, and up-to-date Zocdoc profile that includes your professional statement, location, and accepted in-network insurances and visit reasons.
  • Zocdoc users expect providers to honor their selected appointment times and venues. As such, make every effort to maintain accurate and up-to-date appointment availability.
  • Make every effort to honor and uphold Zocdoc users’ scheduled appointment times, and prevent cancelling or rescheduling.


  • Never charge fees that only pertain to Zocdoc users or pass any part of your Zocdoc fees on to Zocdoc users (e.g. do not institute a Zocdoc booking fee or charge a cancellation or no-show fee only to Zocdoc users).
  • Never directly or indirectly discourage or prevent Zocdoc users from using the Zocdoc platform as they intend. Never direct, instruct, or encourage Zocdoc users to divert their bookings from the Zocdoc platform (e.g. do not list your contact info or website in your professional statement, or otherwise encourage Zocdoc users to book offsite).
  • Never direct, instruct, or encourage Zocdoc users to take actions intended to avoid incurring Zocdoc fees (e.g. do not encourage Zocdoc users to cancel their Zocdoc bookings, or instruct a Zocdoc users to incorrectly mark themselves as an existing patient).
  • Always pay for services rendered (e.g. never fraudulently dispute or refuse payment for new patient bookings generated through Zocdoc’s marketplace).
  • Never direct or instruct Zocdoc users to do anything that would violate Zocdoc’s Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy, including submitting false information.
  • Never directly or indirectly attempt to prevent reviews (critical, negative, or otherwise), or to submit fraudulent reviews, including for the purposes of improving your Zocdoc ratings.
  • Never relay inaccurate, misleading or defamatory information about Zocdoc’s service to our users or anyone else.
  • Never use Zocdoc’s trademark, logo, or intellectual property without our prior consent.