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Our Clinic is part of Medi Cal Family Pact. If you have no insurance, we can offer free Birth Control (implant, IUD, BC pills, condoms) free of charge. For other medical issues we accept Regular Medi Cal(no HMO Medi Cal), Medicare, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, United Health TriCare, Easy Choice HMO or $80 for office visits. We do house calls with history, physical, prescriptions, etc all for $110. We also do wound care procedures, such as suture/staple removal at a low cost (~$50). We also offer discounted prices on lab tests. At our clinic if you don't have insurance and you need a lab test. We will offer you the same discounted prices that our clinic would pay for lab tests and not what is charged by labs if you just walked in. Please call us to see how much more cheaper we could offer you.

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