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33 open positions. 11 teams. 3 locations.

Business Development

1 opening in all locations

About the Team

Business development is a highly collaborative team of dreamers, explorers, and big-picture thinkers, always on the lookout for new frontiers. We chase down fresh opportunities to grow the company, whether it’s new markets and acquisitions or innovative features and partnerships. Ultimately our efforts bring more patients and providers together, which, we think, is what makes this job so cool.

“I like that my job directly contributes to improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare."

Sandeep Business Development

Design & UX

1 opening in all locations

About the Team

The Zocdoc Design team helps change the face of healthcare by creating experiences that are caring, smart and simple, and a brand that is unlike anyone else. The Zocdoc Design team works on things that really matter, and helps make the lives of millions of patients a little bit better everyday. The Zocdoc Design team is a place where great designers can do their best work, working closely with product, engineering and marketing to ship and tell great stories

"I have the opportunity to tackle complex design challenges to transform people's lives for the better."

Judith Design

Information Security

2 openings in all locations

About the Team

Zocdoc’s Information Security team is a dynamic, resourceful and collaborative team that is proactively rethinking risk management to face the ever-changing threat landscape. We work as a business enabler to align information security to a fast-paced, fun, cutting edge environment with innovation at its core - all while transforming the healthcare experience for millions of people.

“At Zocdoc, everyone is a part of a team. Collaboration, teamwork and creativity are at the center of the culture. It makes work exciting every day”

Suved Information Security


1 opening in all locations

About the Team

IT Services is a friendly, efficient security-minded team who uses our deep tech knowledge to help others. We make sure our colleagues’ day-to-day interaction with technology is easy, fast and reliable, as nature intended it to be. From computer to Cloud, we’re constantly striving to improve our systems and streamline the user experience. (Besides, wouldn’t it be just plain silly if a company whose streamlining that experience for others didn’t have it for itself?)

"The tech team here at Zocdoc is insightful and always willing to go out of their way to help one another."

Dan IT


2 openings in all locations

About the Team

Zocdoc’s Marketing team is a nimble, mighty force of smart, creative, analytical, supportive and kind humans. Together, we breathe life into Zocdoc’s brand and drive awareness, adoption, and affinity among our communities of patients and doctors. From CRM to Communications, Digital Marketing to Creative Design and Content, we’re multi-faceted and multi-talented, unified by one goal: to get the world as excited as we are about how Zocdoc can change the healthcare experience.

“I’ve never worked with more interesting, smart, and dedicated people; I feel lucky to learn from them every day”

Casey Marketing


5 openings in all locations

About the Team

At Operations, we're friendly, caring people who believe that technology can be most helpful when the humans behind it are. We cater to each caller’s needs with a can-do spirit and our award-winning patient service. We’re natural-born listeners, creative problem-solvers and enthusiastic team players, taking what we learn on the front lines back to our developers so they can keep improving things for our patients.

"We see the tangible impact of our mission – giving power to the patient – every single day. That’s a remarkable feeling."

Jason Operations


1 opening in all locations

About the Team

Our human resource department consists of genuine people people. We’re here to help everyone feel supported and engaged, and we’re happiest when they’re happy, doing what they do best, to their fullest potential. Whether Zocdoc’rs are shifting their benefits package or transitioning into a new department, we make sure things go super-smoothly—because we know that they’re best able to get the patient’s back when someone’s got theirs.

"There is so much room to grow at Zocdoc. I’m so lucky that I’ve been able to build my career here."

Sarah People


1 opening in all locations

About the Team

We’re a creative, collaborative group who’s constantly asking: What does a patient-driven healthcare experience look like and what are the tools to get us there? Joining forces with our talented design and engineering teammates, we imagine the possibilities and bring those functions to our users' smartphones and laptops. It’s rewarding work; we're creating the future of healthcare patients - ourselves included - expect and deserve.

"Zocdoc has given me the incredible opportunity to make an impact on both the business and healthcare industry."

Rachel Product


2 openings in all locations

About the Team

Zocdoc's dynamic sales department is a driving force in generating revenue and helping Zocdoc grow. We work tirelessly to build and enhance relationships with healthcare providers all across the country. The neatest thing? We build our marketplace of amazing doctors who provide the great care patients are seeking.

"Every time a new doctor signs up for our service, it’s a new opportunity to help someone get better care."

Daniel Sales

Sales Operations

3 openings in all locations

About the Team

At Sales Operations, we thrive on logistics and planning. By equipping Zocdoc’s sales teams with the tools, market insights, and product-management support they need, we make sure they’re able to parachute into new territory (or even old ones) and hit the ground running. We’re a collaborative, problem-solving, pragmatic bunch who likes to get things done, especially because it means better healthcare for more people.

“I love SalesOps at Zocdoc because I can make a big impact, and work with awesome people.”

Caroline SalesOps