Clarity Allergy Center
Clarity Allergy Center

Practice Statement

Suffering from?
• Recurrent sinus infections/ headaches/ pressure
• Post-nasal drip
• Sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion
• Chronic cough/bronchitis
• Wheezing
• Snoring and decreased energy
• Hives/eczema

What seems like a traditional allergy or sinus problem can often be an overlap of many medical problems requiring several medical specialists to treat.

Dr. Rotskoff (in addition to treating traditional allergies) has an expertise in these overlap areas.

So whether your symptoms are straightforward or complex, Dr. Rotskoff can often help put you on the right path. He has developed a clinical expertise that includes 4 or more medical specialties covering:

• Sinus problems
• Respiratory allergies
• Asthma
• Headaches
-Natural headache treatment can be effective up to 80% of time
• Acid Reflux (acid can wreak havoc with your sinuses and allergies!)
• Sleep apnea

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