Goldstein Orthodontics, PC
Goldstein Orthodontics, PC

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Orthodontics involves the teeth, their surrounding bones and the bones of the face. Orthodontic treatment is part science and part art. Each individual problem requires individual care and time to correct. There are several different appliances we can use depending on the problem. Some appliances are removable and some are cemented (or fixed) in place.
Today, most younger patients are treated with metal brackets. These metal brackets can be “garnished” with colored elastics that can be changed to different colors at each visit. Every and any color can be used, even glow in the dark. These colors can also be muted to match the metal.
Patients can also choose to wear clear, or ceramic brackets for less obvious treatment. Invisalign has become much more effective today and is an excellent choice when a patient is interested in a very esthetic appliance.

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