Joseph Tarantolo, MD
Joseph Tarantolo, MD

Practice Statement

Note: My practice does not accept insurance.

Finding the right therapist is a difficult task. You have my sympathy. It’s tough. Am I right for you?

My focus is mostly on Interpersonal work. And work it is to get out of or transform toxic relationships, find healthy intimacy, heal from past traumatic relationships.
There is a lot of mumbo jumbo pseudoscience in my beloved profession of psychiatry: capricious diagnostic labeling (Have you noticed? Just about every body is “bipolar” now a days!), over drugging ( I help people safely get off of psychiatric drugs particularly the antidepressants) and the myth that it is your brain’s fault that you are depressed and frightened. Nonsense. Yes, there are brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias. And they need medical treatment. But my specialty is ordinary problems of living. It is your life that is in trouble, not your brain.

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