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Pain is more than a physical hardship, it is also an emotionally draining state. Northeastern Pain Management offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to each patient's problem including experts in diagnostic and anesthetic block techniques, rehabilitation medicine, psychology and physical therapy. We regularly consult with other specialists when needed. Our staff physicians assess each patient and offer recommendations for treatment, clearly defining the benefits and risks of each procedure. We will then guide the patient through the treatment that is most appropriate. We are always accessible for questions and follow up.
When acute pain does not resolve in the expected time frame, the pain is considered chronic. Pain may arise from an accident or injury, cancer, arthritis, other physical ailments, or even emotional distress. Whatever its cause and site, chronic pain limits the activities of everyday living and can erode the sufferer's dignity and self-respect. People suffering from chronic pain may be preoccupied with the search for relief so much so that normal relationships and pastimes are overshadowed. Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating and requires a different approach to its management.

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