Tri-MED integrative psychiatry & Sleep medicine
Tri-MED integrative psychiatry & Sleep medicine

Practice Statement

I tend to work best with persons who have tried several medications without significant improvement in symptoms and want to know the cause of their symptoms. My patients are motivated to make lifestyle changes and is willing to work with me by following a customized treatment plan. I avoid "the pill for every ill mantra." I believe that a one size fits all approach to treating chronic disease misses the mark and has not led to the optimal health patient so desperately desire.
I am a board certified psychiatrist with subspecialty in sleep medicine. I completed a combined residency in family medicine-psychiatry. I have advanced training in functional medicine which attempts to find the underlying cause of chronic illness by assessing the gastrointestinal & immune function, detoxification, nutritional, hormonal, genetic and epigenetic function.
I use functional medicine principles to improve the healthcare outcomes of my patients. We also utilize the Walsh protocol, nutrigenomics and other mind-body interventions. We find imbalances in the body systems, correct them and allow the body to restore itself to optimal functioning.

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