Anuj Gupta, MD

Practice Statement

I am a Cornell and NYU-trained psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience practicing psychiatry in Manhattan. Most importantly, I'm confident I can help you.

My style is warm, active, and personable. It is important to me to inquire about symptoms and learn about each person's unique experiences and individual story. In my experience, fully understanding all of these elements of a person's life is crucial to his or her well-being and recovery. I have treated people from different walks of life, including executives, entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, academics, medical professionals, students, and full-time parents.

Entering treatment can sometimes be intimidating. I have successfully treated many people who are new to psychiatric care.

I will contact you after you schedule an appointment to discuss the details of your first session.

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5 W. 19th Street, 9th Floor New York, NY, 10011