Balance In Motion Physical Therapy, NYC
Balance In Motion Physical Therapy, NYC

Practice Statement

Core value in Balance In Motion?

-Holistic Manual Therapy

-Running Injury Clinic

-Advanced Posture Clinic
:Scoliosis, Bunion, Flat feet, Knocked knee, Bowed legs

-Class IV Laser Therapy (Pain free, FDA approved)
:The effects of laser energy include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

Our team mission is getting you better.

We listen to you and help you achieve your maximal goals. We also pursue the best care, so you receive treatment only with a Doctor of physical therapy as 1-on-1 session, resulting in fewer visits and better results.

"We help New Yorkers reclaim their active lives.
Avoid addictive Opioids, Safely restore mobility, strength and energy with us.
Live more active"

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