Body Tuning & Physical Therapy
Body Tuning & Physical Therapy

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The Best Hands On Physical Therapy in New York
for musicians, dancers and sports injuries

Physical therapist Shmuel Tatz's simple yet comforting New York City clinic, is a haven for injured and aching performers. Pianists appear with carpal tunnel syndrome, violinists arrive with neck and shoulder strains, dancers with hip, knee and back pain. Trained as a dancer in his native Lithuania, Tatz has a special affinity for artists and has treated celebrities such as Isaac Stern, Andrew Lloyd Weber and even Peter Jennings during his 30 years of practice in three continents.

However, more that half of Tatz's clients are ordinary people seeking relief from such diverse ailments as arthritis, slipped disks, sinusitis and Parkinson's disease. Most of his patients are women, many hampered by repetitive strain injuries caused by too many hours at a computer keyboard.

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