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Chula Vista Ob/Gyn

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Every woman knows the importance of regular gynecological care, so your choice of a health care provider is an important one. Every patient needs to feel confident and assured with every aspect of their health care for every phase of life.
Wheter you are having your first baby, experiencing some of the not so pleasant symptoms of menopause, or are in need of surgery, we provide care for your physical and emotional well being, with a commitment to listen carefully, give you positive guidance, and utilize the latest methods and technologies available in the Ob/Gyn field.
Dr. Levine is a Board Certified Physician, who provides full Ob/Gyn care, including infertility, Laser Surgery, Laparoscopy and Uroginecology.

Proveemos servicios completos de Ginecología y Obstetricia. Incluyendo Infertilidad,Uroginecología, Cirugía Laser, Planificación Familiar y Obstetricia

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