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Friendship Heights Chiropractic has been serving the Washington, DC community for over 28 years. Dr. Thomas Connelly is a leader in the Chiropractic Profession having served on the Chiropractic Association of as president and vice president many times over the years. In 2007 the association voted him “Chiropractor of the Year” for his dedication to the Chiropractic Profession. He has treated patients of all ages over his career and seen their health restored. Dr. Andrew Hancock and Dr. Tricia Richart are dedicated to the health and well being of our patients. We are here to serve. Friendship Heights Chiropractic is not just a back pain clinic. Although we certainly help many people obtain relief from their back pain, it’s not the only thing we do. In fact many patients who initially come into our office complaining of back pain or neck pain, are happy to find that other symptoms they have been suffering from are relieved as well. A thorough consultation and examination is the first step to discovering what we can do for you.

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5100 Wisconsin Ave NW, Ste 251 Washington, DC, 20016