Gloria Vanderhorst, PHD
Gloria Vanderhorst, PHD

Practice Statement

You are looking for the best possible treatment for yourself, your marriage or your family. The success of psychological treatment is an outgrowth of the relationship with your therapist. Because I will be a vital part of the growth for you and your family, I want you to understand how my 30+ years of experience have shaped my approach to treatment. My work with others has taught me that change is possible at any age.
The key to change is appreciating that our brains enjoy neuroplasticity that lets us change at any stage of life. In my experience, adults grow by understanding the early programs of attachment and patterns that have been laid down in their brains. As these early connections are identified, you will begin to appreciate how the brain functions and how to establish new pathways that enable you to change your relationships, perceptions and actions. As you understand these connections, you will be able to choose to change from the inside out. As your therapist, I will help you to practice and experience new ways of thinking and being in relationship. My expertise in Emotion Focused Therapy will enable you to make these changes quickly and efficiently. The connection between mental health, physical health and spiritual health will become evident as you learn how your current thinking and feeling are interwoven.
The result is a more integrated sense of self. In the course of treatment, you may be asked to complete homework in order to practice new ways of thinking and behaving. You may be asked to read different materials to expand your understanding of how your mind works and how relationships function.
My work with children has taught me that early identification and intervention is the ideal and I am passionate about early identification of ADHD, LD and other childhood conditions. Early intervention is the best preventative for later comorbid conditions of these complicated disorders. When working with children and families, I use a team approach that involves the child, parents, teachers and other health care professionals in developing and implementing plans for change.

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