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Welcome to Haro Podiatry Center
Feet take us from one place to the other. Without them we cannot walk, exercise, or move. If your feet hurt then usually the whole body hurts – which is a common statement that we hear from patients all the time. Most people, due to different activities, are susceptible at different ages to foot issues.

Common Foot Problems

In children – flat feet, ingrown toenails, warts, in toe gait, and sports injuries.
In middle age – sports injuries, overuse, and wearing the wrong types of shoes.
In women – wearing high heels, narrow shoes, and being on her feet in thin soled shoes.
In the elderly – advanced conditions such as bunions and hammertoes, and callus formation on the bottom of the feet.
Why should you visit Haro Podiatry Center?

Dr. Haro is a podiatrist who specializes in all aspect of the foot and ankle. He treats the skin, the bones, the circulation and the nerves—whereas other specialists might specialize in one aspect of the foot, a podiatrist covers all aspects of the foot.

While our patients receive top of the line, cutting edge medical care, what sets our practice apart is the experience of our patients while under our care. From the minute a patient calls our office to the time they walk through the doors, they are put at ease by our friendly staff. Our staff treats each patient with a bright smile, and go above and beyond to make each experience with our office as comfortable, convenient and, as smooth as possible. Languages spoken in our office: English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people walk, live and play without foot pain. We achieve this mission by paying attention to our patients and taking their concerns and worries seriously without any compromise.

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