Janet H. Lee, D.O.
Janet H. Lee, D.O.

Practice Statement

Dr. Lee is a strong believer in preventative medicine, in that health maintenance and quality of life are best achieved through life style modifications, with medical intervention only as a last option. She spends a lot of her time counseling patients on healthy life style choices, helping to develop good sustainable habits.

When all efforts at conservation have been exhausted, intervention will be prescribed with the latest medical knowledge, technological advances, clarity, and compassion. Although always current on the latest medical journals, Dr. Lee believes that evidenced based medicine should only be the beginning in every patient’s journey through healthcare and not the end. Therefore, every patient will be treated as an individual, and will never be made to feel like a statistic.

It is her goal to earn, through knowledge, technology, and compassion, the trust of all her patients that will last a lifetime.

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