Lisa Wolfe, LCSW
Lisa Wolfe, LCSW

Practice Statement

For me therapy is a collaborative process, a protected, safe environment in which repetitive and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors can be noticed – simply noticed, non-judgementally – and perhaps illuminated in terms of events in the client’s past. Bringing attention to half-noticed thoughts and fantasies, and exploring the connections between them, can point up unconscious, or barely conscious, chains of reasoning that interfere with our ability to enjoy and function well in work and love. Part of therapy is what Robert Bly calls, “paying attention to small desires,” which can mean honoring aspects of ourselves that get cut off, rejected, suppressed, or otherwise minimized or made invisible in the course of growing up.

In private practice here in Manhattan for over twenty-five years, I have worked extensively with adults in their early and mid careers, helping them with issues of anxiety, depression and obsessional thought patterns, especially as these relate to their relationships at work and in their personal lives. I have also worked frequently with adolescents struggling with their families and in school, whether in the wake of divorce or bereavement or other traumatic and bewildering events.

If you would like to explore working together, please call me for a relaxed, no pressure consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing if we can collaborate in helping you feel freer and more alive.

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