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Preferred Dental Care

Preferred Dental Care

Practice Statement

What sets us apart from the rest?
Great qualifications. The average dentist in our office has dedicated over six years to their dental education, far beyond the typical dentist’s four years.
One-stop dental care. With all the specialties we provide, you can stay right here for your dental needs.
An on-site laboratory. Even the most complicated dental procedures happen in an efficient manner, thanks to our lab.
Nights and Saturday hours. Our clients who work the typical eight-to-five day really appreciate this.
Multi-lingual. We proudly speak English, Spanish, French, Korean, Urdu and Hindi in our office.
A well-trained, friendly staff. We like to think that our 30 full-time team members are some of the happiest people on planet Earth.
A very upscale office and modern décor. From fresh coffee and a big colorful fish tank in our lobby to music, leather chairs and TV in every operatory, we take pride in our appearance, and we’ve done this all for our patient’s comfort.
Easy commute. Located directly across from Flushing Hospital, we can be reached both by bus and by subway.
Financing available. We consider ourselves very affordable and have a variety of ways for you to handle your payment, should you need the assistance.

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